Consultancy Services

Geoscope provides consultancy services in natural resources management and the environment in a development context. The work is carried out in Africa and Asia through an international network of associates.

Focus Area
Protection, development and management of water resources is Geoscope’s focus area. Improper management and unsustainable use of water resources is a major cause of deteriorating livelihoods for poor people in the Third World. Competing demands on the limited resources is also a cause for potential conflict, within as well as across nations. Addressing these issues in an efficient, transparent and fair manner is a key issue in development.

The last 10 years we have specialised mainly in joint management of water and related resources in trans-boundary river basins and lakes, such as the Volta and Nile Rivers and Lake Victoria. Other main areas of specialisation include water supply and sanitation, and rural and urban environmental management.
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