Earlier Major Assignments (1995-2013)

Environment programme, Kosovo
Preparation of a programme for Swedish strategic support on environment, climate and natural resource management.

Environment study, Kosovo
Study on future Swedish strategic support on the environment.

Environment and natural resources, Rwanda
Technical assistance to support monitoring and evaluation in the environment and natural resource sector.

Millennium Development Goals
Review and analysis of Sida's contribution to the MDG/7c targets for water and sanitation.

International Training Programmes
Preparation of Sida training programmes on water resources management, urban water supply and sanitation, and the water-energy-food security nexus.

Natural Resources, Mali
Portfolio review and analysis of programmes and projects in the natural resources sector.

Environment and Climate Change, Bangladesh
Mapping of agents of change and stakeholders working with environment and climate change related resilience.

Sustainable Forestry, Kosovo
Evaluation of a project on sustainable private and decentralized forestry in Kosovo.

M&E System, Rwanda
Development of a monitoring and evaluation system for the environment and natural resources sector in Rwanda.

Sustainable Communal Forestry, Albania
Mid-term review of a project on decentralised management of forest and pasture land to support economic and social development for rural poor in Albania.

Water Resources Management, Albania
Technical assistance to prepare for the development of a national water resources management strategy and a water resources database.

Global Water Partnership
Mid-term review of the implementation of the Global Water Partnership strategy for 2009-2013.

Sustainable Sanitation
End-of-programme evaluation of EcoSanRes, a global programme for promotion of sustainable sanitation implemented by the Stockholm Environmental Institute.

Integrated Water Resources Management, Burkina Faso
Facilitation of technical assistance to the national programme for integrated water resources management in Burkina Faso.

Poverty Alleviation through Transboundary Water Management
Facilitation of an evaluation process for increasing benefits from transboundary water resources management for people living in poverty.

Climate Change Adaptation, West Africa
Assistance to ECOWAS Environment Department for the implementation of an action plan to reduce vulnerability to climate change in West Africa.

Flood Risk Management, Malawi
Development of a national flood risk management strategy for Malawi.

Community Based Resource Management, Mali
Evaluation and assessment of an expanded IUCN support to community based natural resource management in the Niger Inner Delta, Mali.

Environmental Management, Southeast Asia
Mid-term review and evaluation of the Swedish Environment Secretariat for Asia (SENSA).

Integrated Water Resources Management, Mali
Preparation of support to the national programme for integrated water resources management in Mali.

Village development, Himalaya

Support to knowledge creation among women in the Himalayan village of Osla.

Non-Toxic Environment in Southeast Asia
Evaluation of a regional programme on chemicals management in Southeast Asia.

Flood Information System in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya
Review and upgrading of a project proposal for establishment of a regional flood information system in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya.

Flood Management, Afghanistan
Preparation of a capacity building project on flood management in northern Afghanistan.

Natural Resources Management, Cambodia
Study on natural resources management, water supply and sanitation and climate change adaptation in Cambodia.

Water and Sanitation, UN-HABITAT
Assisting Sida in preparing Swedish support to the UN-Habitat water and sanitation programme.

Water Resources of the Himalaya and Hindu Kush
Assisting ICIMOD, Kathmandu, in preparing a capacity building project on monitoring and modelling of ice and water resources in the Indus Basin, and a paper on impacts of climate change on mountain ecosystems and livelihoods.

Integrated Water Resources Management in Burkina Faso

Monitoring and review of the implementation of an action plan for integrated water resources management in Burkina Faso.

Volta River and West Africa

Monitoring and quality assurance of a water governance project in the Volta River, and advising Sida on support to the Volta Basin Authority and ECOWAS-WRCU.

Wastewater Management in Thailand

Facilitation and monitoring of a programme for capacity building in urban wastewater management in Thailand.

Arsenic in Groundwater

Preparation of Swedish support to an action-research programme tackling the problem of arsenic poisoning of groundwater particularly in Bangladesh proposed by KTH, and drafting a position paper on strategic responses for Sida.

Environmental Advocacy in South Asia

Preparation of Swedish support to a programme for catalysing sustainable environmental practices in South Asia proposed and implemented by the Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi.

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project

Participation in a World Bank pre-appraisal of the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project, providing inputs particularly on watershed management and water and sanitation issues.

Water Initiatives in the African Development Bank

Review of water initiatives in the African Development Bank and preparation of a concept note for Swedish support to the initiatives.

Investment Programme for the Pungwe River

Preparation of an investment-oriented water resource development programme in the Pungwe River Basin in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Water and Sanitation

Development of a Sida programme for capacity building and investment in sustainable water supply and sanitation.

Ecological Sanitation

Review of EcoSanRes, an international research and development programme on ecological sanitation.

Water Resource Strategy for the Pungwe River

Monitoring and quality assurance of a project on the preparation of a joint integrated water resources management strategy in the Pungwe river basin in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Zambezi River Action Plan

Monitoring of a project on the development of an integrated water resources management strategy for the Zambezi River Basin.

Water and Sanitation in West Africa

Advice to Sida in relation to support to CREPA (Centre Régional pour l’Eau Potable et Assainissement à faible coût).

Water and Sanitation in Kenya

Evaluation of tenders for implementation and monitoring consultants to the Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme.

Nile Basin Equatorial Lakes

Monitoring and facilitation of river basin projects under the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Programme - NELSAP under the Nile Basin Initiative, East Africa.

Water Supply and Wastewater Management in Albania

Development of a programme for capacity building in water supply and wastewater management in Albania.

Groundwater Protection Strategy, Morocco

Preparatory phase of developing a strategy to combat agricultural groundwater pollution in Morocco.

Water Supply and Sanitation Strategy
Co-ordinating the drafting of a strategy for support to water supply and sanitation for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency - Sida.

Nile Basin Initiative

Appraisal of project documents, stakeholder workshop facilitation, development of terms of reference and tender documents, and recruitment of consultants.

Lake Malawi and Shire River
Review of water resources management issues of common concern to the riparian states sharing Lake Malawi and Shire River, and development of a co-operation and capacity development programme.

Water and Sanitation, World Bank
Appraisal of a project proposal on water and sanitation, and hygiene promotion, from the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program for Africa.

Water and Health in Laos
Review of Sida support to the national water supply and environmental health programme, Nam Saat, Laos.

Water Supply and Sanitation, Zimbabwe
Review of Swedish support to rural water supply and sanitation in Zimbabwe.

Groundwater in Hard Rock Areas
Preparation of tender documents for an international course on groundwater management in hard rock areas, and evaluation of tenders.

Sanitation in Dakar
Appraisal of urban sanitation projects in Dakar, Senegal.

Melamchi Water Diversion
Analysis of the Melamchi water diversion project, Nepal.

Water Bonds
Background study on the water sector in South Africa in relation to a proposed introduction of water bonds as a financing instrument for sector investment.

Water and Sanitation Programme
Joint donor evaluation of the World Bank Regional Water and Sanitation Group for East Africa.

International Water Training Courses
Overview of Sida-financed international water-related training courses.

Barada Wastewater
Preparation of terms of reference for a study on industrial pollution prevention and wastewater minimisation in the Barada River, Syria.

Hydrological Monitoring
Appraisal of a project on capacity development in hydrological monitoring, Zimbabwe.

IWRM in Rajasthan
Preparation of a proposal for an integrated water resources management programme for the state of Rajasthan, India; provision of IWRM advisory function for programme planning; and monitoring and quality assurance of project implementation.

Bulwayo Water Supply
Analysis of water supply options for the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Water Resources in Zimbawe
Study on water resources planning, development and management in Zimbabwe.

Zambezi River Action Plan
Support to the Zambezi River System Action Plan including appraisals, programme development and planning of institutional support.

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